Simultaneously using mobile phones, laptops and other media devices could be changing the structure of our brains, according to new University of Sussex research.


A study published today (24 September) in PLOS ONE reveals that people who frequently use several media devices at the same…


Maslany explained how dance helped her get into character — all seven of them. To play tightly wound soccer mom Alison, the Canadian actress drew on the flamenco training she’s received since age 4. “It had to be something very rigid, everything held tight,” said Maslany. “Stomach in, bum in, very precise motions, very feminine.” She made Berkeley biology student Cosima more fluid, “like she’s at a rave.” To nail Sarah, the tough Brit who is Orphan Black’s central character, Maslany grooved to a lot of Prodigy and the Clash. And then there’s Helena, the feral, peroxide-blonde killer. Maslany opted to keep that character’s unique dance to herself. “It happens in my trailer,” whispered the actress. “There’s something deeply violent and deeply sexual about her. She’s an animal.”



Do you like writing short stories? Last year we came up with a popular post, titled 10 brilliant reasons to write short stories. Now we’ve listed 10 Short Story Competitions that are still open for entries this year.

  1. Short Sharp Stories - Incredible Journey - Enter by 30 November 2014

  2. 2015 Commonwealth Short Story Prize - Enter by 15 November 2014

  3. TechSmart Gigabyte South African Sci-Fi Short Story Competition - Enter by 31 October 2014

  4. The Nova Short Story Competition - Enter by 30 September 2014

  5. Black Pear Press Short Story Competition! - Enter by 26 September 2014

  6. Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition - Enter by 17 November 2014

  7. Hackney Literary Award for Short Stories - Enter by 30 November 2014

  8. The Bloody Parchment Short Story Competition 2014 - Enter by 31 October 2014

  9. The Fish Short Story Prize - Enter by 30 November 2014

  10. InkTears International Short Story Competition 2014 - Enter by 30 November 2014

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If you want to learn how to write a great short story, join Writers Write for Short Cuts on 5 October 2014 in Johannesburg.